Apostolic Orthodox Church (AOC)

Holy Synod of Saint Athanasius Congregation

In America & The Middle East


Christ The Healer Terms & Pray Request

- In the Name of the Father, the Son, and the Holy Spirit, the One God to Whom be the glory from now and forever . Amen

1- Firstly, the Ministry of Christ the Healer does not mean that I pray for you,
but it means that I pray with you and help you in prayer and support you spiritually,
because you are praying with repentance and faith.

So if you do not pray with me with repentance and faith, my prayer for you cannot help you with anything.

2- Secondly, it is useless to tell me: pray for my brother or my sister or my son or my friend or anyone, why?
Because if your friend or your son wants me to pray for him, he must apply what we say, and be present and sit in front of me while I pray,
and be ready to receive the grace and the healing power.

He must be sitting in front of me praying with repentance and when I pray, and the Holy Spirit speaks in prayer, he receives Him.

3- The third point is that if you are sick and want to be healed,
   I will start to pray for you to receive the grace of Christ’s healing power in the first place,
and you have to start praying with me, and then pray by yourself regularly and with perseverance.
People think that from the first time we pray or with one prayer they will be healed, this can happen; but it is not a condition that happens every time.
- There are some others who believe that when we pray, they will be healed immediately.
They did not get healed completely but got better, and they think that it is done and get healed, and they discontinue praying with me
and of course, they go back to the sickness they had.
- Others say I am surrendering to God’s will, and He does what He wants with me.
Okay, but God wants to heal you now, but you do not want to fight spiritually the good fight of faith to receive the healing power.
If you want to submit to the illness, you are free to do that.
Butthis is not submission to God.

If you want to submit to God’s healing power, you have to keep up to fight spiritually the good fight of faith and continue to pray with me in this opportunity of prayer regularly and with perseverance.

I am saying this because I want and hope that all people be healed.
And also, I am clearing my conscience and responsibility before God, but at the end, everyone is free to do what he wants.
If you feel the first touch of healing, it is the first token of healing which means that the grace of Christ came upon you.
     So please continue the process of repentance and praying until the healing is complete.
- Jesus says to you, if you have faith, you will get everything you ask for.
and I add to His saying and say you must have faith and steadfastness in that faith and obedience to the word of God in the Gospel.
So that the devil flees away from you, and could not accuse you and delay your healing.


Parying Request