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Archbishop Gregory Mikhnov-Vaitenko

Grigory Mikhnov-Vaitenko, Archbishop, Primate of the Apostolic Orthodox Church. Born in 1967 in Moscow, after graduating from school he studied at the Institute of Cinematography, the holy baptism was received in 1985 in the community of Father Alexander Mene. After college, he worked in television for20 years.

In 2008, takes the priesthood, serves in the city of Staraya Russa, Novgorod region.

In 2014, he goes out the parish because of the inconsistency with the policy of the leadership of the Russian Orthodox Church in relation to the conflict in the east of Ukraine.

In 2015, he joins the AOC, in the same year he receives an episcopal hirotonia.

In 2023, he was elected Primate at the AOC Council.