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The storm you are facing in your life is your chance to experience God’s joy

Jesus’ unfailing love for us is a true gift. He has given us His priceless treasure of His eternal love. Whatever storms raging in your life, Jesus can anchor you in His love & truth. You must comprehend how you are astonishingly rich in Him. So rest in Jesus’ unfailing love through your struggles.
Experience God’s comfort no matter your circumstances. Rejoice that Jesus’ love for you is both unfailing and precious. You can always count on it.
So stand bold and firm as you walk your journey through your life.
He gives us joy that is independent of circumstances. He has given us Himself which is a wellspring of joy that can overflow into your life.
Open wide your heart, mind, and spirit and receive Him in full measure.
His joy is not from this world. So look up to Him with a trusting heart no matter what is happening in your life.
Let His light soak into you filling you with transcendent delight.
If you persist in seeking Him, His joy can break through the darkest storm clouds that you are passing through.
Let Jesus’ unfailing love fills you with exuberant joy as you walk along the path of life with Him.

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