Holy Synod of Saint Athanasius Congregation
In America & The Middle East

Archbishop Maximus Hanna

● Primate of HolySynod of ST Athanasius Congregation in America & Middle East.

● Member of the HolySynod of Apostolic Orthodox Church of Russia (APC Synod of Moscow).

● Member of Standing Episcopal Conference of Orthodox Bishops.

● Dean & President of ST. Athanasius Institute For Patristic Theology.


St. Athanasius Magazine

Sample Article

Do you know that Jesus came not to judge your sin but to change your sinful nature.

Reading the Old Testament we can see that the word “sin” is referred simply to the "violation of the law"; and this disobedience of the law leads to punishment by God's justice. While reading the New Testament we see Jesus Christ the incarnated Word of God came to our world to reveal for us the love of God and the destiny which he created man for, which is man’s participation in His glory.

Sample Article

The storm you are facing in your life is your chance to experience God’s joy

Jesus’ unfailing love for us is a true gift. He has given us His priceless treasure of His eternal love. Whatever storms raging in your life, Jesus can anchor you in His love & truth. You must comprehend how you are astonishingly rich in Him. So rest in Jesus’ unfailing love through your struggles. Experience God’s comfort no matter your circumstances.